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Monday, December 12, 2011

How Are You Leading Yourself?

Part of being a great leader is constantly looking in the mirror and seeking self-improvement, both personally and professionally.  As we approach the end of the year and quickly move into the New Year it’s a perfect opportunity to look at our lives and see where we are congruent and where we could improve our congruency.
What is congruency?
Congruency is when your thoughts, words, and actions are in total alignment.
To become more congruent you must set intentions that are realistic, show gratitude, and set action steps that are specific, measureable, and have a timeline.  It’s best to set intentions for 90 day time periods. For Example, if you want to lose 20 pounds within 90 days being congruent may look like this:
1)      Set an intention  (I AM 125 pounds)
2)      Show gratitude (I AM so grateful that I am healthy, my body is nourished, and I’m able to walk and conduct physical activity)
3)      Action Steps – Remember, action steps have to be specific, measurable, and have a timeline and at first will be uncomfortable. (I commit to working out at 6:00 am 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes)
You MUST write it down and DO IT! Basically, walk to walk you talk.  We all know this is the most important action leaders can take.
Life happens and sometimes we lose sight of ourselves and what’s important to us.  I challenge each and every one of you to pick ONE THING that’s important to you and determine whether you are making it a priority and staying congruent.
Some of my favorite people and websites I continue to use are:
At www.Shiftand WakeUp.com Mir Lynne Pietrzyk provides so much valuable information about personal and professional self improvement and keeping yourself accountable!  Check it out…
One of my favorite books ever is Slow Down, The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want, by David Essel.  It helps me Slow Down and remember what’s important to me and helps in my own congruency so that I’m better able to embrace all that my life has to offer, regardless of the circumstances or how busy I am! You can find this book at www.DavidEssel.com
Remember to lead yourself first so you can better lead others!
Until next time,
Michelle A. Jones, MBA
Executive Vice President
Adventure Training Concepts
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