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"There are employees, and there are teams. Employees have a boss, teams have leaders. Teams make dreams a reality."

Brian Jones, ATC CEO

Monday, November 8, 2010

Leading From the Front

It's no secret that teambuilding is a very complex endeavor.  It takes commitment that begins at the top of the corporation-what I have termed "leading from the front." 

As a basic foundation, if you are a leader you must follow these principles:

1) Have a published Values Statement
2) Live by that Values Statement
3) Give the team the confidence to take calculated risks, make decisions, and drive towards the goals that you, as the leader, have clearly defined. 
4) As a leader you must realize the strengths of every team member, and have the ability to communicate the need for every team member to exercise those strengths. 

Every step in the leadership challenge starts with these principles; and by following them, the leader immediately sees a great team form. 

When the team understands your values, ethics, and clearly understands the goals and vision, you will witness one of the most rewarding experiences that life can offer. 
-- Brian Jones, CEO

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