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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

With every New Year comes a set of new goals and resolutions.  I do not personally set resolutions but I’m always setting new goals for myself.  Some of us accomplish our goals and some do not. 
What makes the difference between the two?  You guessed it, ACTION!
The number one reason people do not accomplish their goals is because they fail to take the necessary action and when things get too difficult they quit.  Action steps have to be very clear.  We often times just state a goal with no real clarity around how we will accomplish it.  This sets us up for failure from the beginning.  When things get too difficult we revert back to the old “more comfortable” behavior.
To finally reach your goals this year TAKE ACTION:
1.       What is the goal?
How will you feel if you accomplish this goal?  What are the challenges if you don’t accomplish this goal?  Write all of this down on paper.
2.        Show gratitude for where you are now.
3.       Action Steps to reach this goal.  Focus on 90 day increments-not a whole year.  Be very specific and clear, make action steps measureable and make sure there is a timeline. 
For example:
1.       My goal is to read 12 leadership books this year.
2.       I’m thankful that I have the ability to read, have money to buy books, and access to a nice library.
3.       I will read. one book per month. (3 books per 90 day period = 12 books this year)  Every day at 7:00 am I will read for at least 15 minutes.

When things get difficult, that is the time to push through the resistance and keep taking action.  If it were easy we wouldn’t have to set new goals.  Get out of your comfort zone and reach new levels in 2012! 
Happy New Year,

Michelle A. Jones, MBA
Executive Vice President
Adventure Training Concepts
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